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High Voltage Tester, also known as portable AC and DC high voltage withstand voltage tester. According to its function, it can be called electrical insulation strength tester, dielectric strength tester, etc. Its working principle is to apply a voltage higher than normal operation to the insulator of the device under test for a specified period of time. The voltage applied on it will only generate a small leakage current, and the insulation is better. The test system is composed of three modules, the program-controlled power module, the signal acquisition and conditioning module and the computer control system. Select two indicators of the withstand voltage meter: the value of the maximum output voltage value and the maximum alarm current value.


1. It adopts the unique structure of axisymmetric asymmetric octagonal shell, which can output double high voltage.

2. The oil level in the fuel tank is lower than the edge of the fuel tank to avoid oil leakage.

3. The terminal is on the box cover to avoid collision and improve the mechanical and electrical performance.

4. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, stable electrical performance, sufficient capacity, small size, light weight, and convenient use and maintenance.

It is widely used in the ultra-high withstand voltage test of household appliances, wires and cables, instruments and meters, the ultimate withstand voltage test of insulating materials, and the polarization of electro-acoustic equipment.

Besides, there is another equipment using hihg voltage. The high voltage divider is a special instrument for on-site measurement, which can measure both DC high voltage and AC high voltage. The whole equipment consists of a voltage divider and a measuring instrument. The voltage divider adopts a balanced equipotential shielding structure, and high-quality electronic components are used inside the completely sealed insulating cylinder, so that the entire device has accurate testing, good linearity and stable performance.

Features of high voltage divider products

1. The high-voltage divider adopts the equipotential shielding method, with high measurement accuracy and digital display.

2. It has high precision, stable performance, simple structure, small volume, light weight and easy to carry.

3. It can measure and monitor AC and DC high voltage with high accuracy.

4. It can replace the high voltage electrostatic voltmeter.

5. It is easy to use, intuitive in display and high in measurement accuracy.

Except for the equipment mentioned above, there are many other tester may be used such as Pulse Generator, HV Test Equipment, DC Hipot Tester, Series Resonance Test Device, VLF Hipot Tester, Transformer Oil Tester, Transformer Tester, Transformer Load Loss Tester, etc.


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