Welcome to ManchesterAirportTravelForum, Say hello and introduce yourself

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Wellcome to ManchesterAirportTravelForum, a place to share information

NOTE: These are just GUIDELINES. You will not get banned if you don't stick to them, but you will make yourself known for all the wrong reasons if you don't follow them.

Power posting - Is your post needed. could you save your time by thinking of something more constructive and useful?

Opinions - Could what you post be seen as offensive or rude to others? If so then try and make it a bit more friendly. Remember this is an international site now, and some opinions could be very offensive to others. We don't have a problem with you expressing your opinions, what we do have a problem with is if they are purposely made to hurt others. Constructive criticism is better than shouting at people.

Lies and bullcrap - It cause's flaming. General unhappiness. We don't want it on here, you don't need to big yourself up on here, so don't bother.

Flaming - so what if you don't like a particular member. Leave them be and just ignore them. Don't drag users down. You will always have a member who doesn't like others, you don't need to shout and swear at them to get your point across.

Proper posts - Think before you post. There is an automatic spellchecker when you post, please use it to check your posts before submitting them. Good spelling and grammar will make you come across as a more intelligent and constructive poster on here, which is what we like. Check through your post before submitting it, and think about possible improvements. One word posts are frowned upon here, you are more than capable of thinking of more than one word.

Let the staff do their jobs - This is a personal peeve I and some other staff members have. We are here for a reason, to save you from looking after the site. If someone has posted something you think breaks the rules, don't think you can solve it by yourself. A member is more likely to listen to a staff member rather than another member, so just report the post or send a friendly PM to one of us and we will take the action we think is suitable. We have ways of dealing with members and posts, so leave the moderating to us please.

Common sense - This isn't a hard site to navigate and use. Most topics are logically set out and can be found with a bit of knowhow. Use a bit of common sense to find a solution to your problem. Don't get others to solve your problem straight away, see if you can solve it first, and then you can ask for help. This saves everyone a lot of time and effort. Perhaps take 10 minutes and have a good look around the site. Its all here for your benefit. This also goes for asking for download links and map links. Try and find the mod/map before asking, it gets very annoying when you see the same question on every picture.

Private mods - Are you just uploading a picture of your private mod with the express purpose of tormenting users with the fact that they cannot have it? If so then just don't post the picture. It only creates people demanding downloads, Then leads to potential agruments. And we don't want that on here. If your mod is Private from the word go then just don't share it at all, This means no WIP topics or gallery posts.

Mod ideas - Its been said before. the Mod ideas board is not for requests. If you must make a post in there then try and make it a half decent idea that looks like its at least had though go in to it. this means posting pictures of your idea. And a detailed description to accompany it

Please try and stick to these guidelines. They will make everybody's life easier. If every member takes note of these guidelines then hopefully we can make this site a more mature, friendly, community based forum.

Thank you for reading


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RE: Welcome to ManchesterAirportTravelForum, Say hello and introduce yourself

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Firstly, Choose the correct place for your post
- Carefully read the names and descriptions of the different areas of the forum. Topics in the wrong forum will get moved, or removed.

Secondly, be careful what you post:

- Use descriptive post titles
- Don't just put "help" or "problem.." , instead put "Help with planting crops" or "Problem with maize"...

- Keep your post informative and interesting
- This isn't a chat room, so no one-word replys, or useless information.

- Be polite and Friendly
- No hostility, even if another member has posted something bad about you, keep your calm and the chances are a moderator will resolve the situation.

- This is a Family Place
- So no Swearing,and no sexual references.

- We are all equal
- So no racism, ageism, sexism or any other form of discrimination..

- Help and Help alike
- Be polite and grateful for help when you receive it, even if it doesn't help. And be patient with new users!

And last but most importantly:

- Think before you press "Submit"
- Double check: is my post in the right place? Is this appropriate? Does it follow the rules?

Of course, users failing to follow these rules, their posts get deleted or the user may be banned, either on a semi-perminant or perminant basis. It is your responsibility to keep yourself up-to-date with these rules, and ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse for breaking them.

Please note, account security:

Please note - NEVER tell your password to ANYONE!
The admins or moderators of this forum will NEVER ask you for your password.

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